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Rack::Plastic Helps You Write Rack Middleware

Back in November I participated in the CodeRack Rack middleware contest. Besides submitting entries that were stupid and downright dangerous I actually managed to create some middleware of value.

Installing Rails 3 Beta with RVM and Ruby 1.8.7

Jeremy McAnally posted some great instructions on installing Rails 3 beta. When I tried to install Rails 3 it complained that my Ruby version needed to be at least 1.8.7. Fair enough, I only had 1.8.6, and it was about time I upgraded.

Streamlining Your Workflow with AppleScript

When developing web applications, I frequently switch between iTerm, TextMate, my browser, and my mail client. So I used AppleScript to streamline my task-switching. I’ll show you how I did this in case you’re inspired to streamline your workflow, too.

Getting Mugged by Nokogiri

Once you’ve gotten started with Nokogiri, you’ll expect everything to be as easy as the beginning, and then–BAM!–you’ll get sucker-punched.

Getting Started with Nokogiri

Nokogiri is a Ruby document parser that was released in October 2008. It’s great for reading, searching, editing, and otherwise mucking around with HTML (and XML).

New Release of Alphabet Clock

I’ve made some improvements to Alphabet Clock, most notably the inclusion of dates and developer libraries.  Read the full story on Alphabet Clock’s blog.