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Automating Your Backup with Cron

cron is a daemon that will execute commands at a scheduled date and time. You use the crontab command (short for cron table) to set up cron to execute commands at regular intervals.

If you haven’t used cron before, I recommend reading this excellent introduction to cron and crontab and looking at this example crontab file. You should have at least a basic understanding of crontab before proceeding.

Backing Up Your Data with Astrails-Safe

Astrails-safe is a ruby gem, so you can install it on your web server like so:

sudo gem install astrails-safe

Using Amazon S3 from the Command Line with s3sync

s3sync comes with two utilities: s3sync.rb, which can backup a directory to S3 rsync-style, and s3cmd.rb, which gives you a command-line interface to S3. We’re actually not going to use s3sync.rb to backup our files (in the next blog post I’ll show you how to use astrails-safe instead). However, we will be using the s3cmd.rb utility now in order to interact with S3 from the command line.