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New Release of Alphabet Clock

I’ve made some improvements to Alphabet Clock, most notably the inclusion of dates and developer libraries.  Read the full story on Alphabet Clock’s blog.

Automating Your Backup with Cron

cron is a daemon that will execute commands at a scheduled date and time. You use the crontab command (short for cron table) to set up cron to execute commands at regular intervals.

If you haven’t used cron before, I recommend reading this excellent introduction to cron and crontab and looking at this example crontab file. You should have at least a basic understanding of crontab before proceeding.

Backing Up Your Data with Astrails-Safe

Astrails-safe is a ruby gem, so you can install it on your web server like so:

sudo gem install astrails-safe

Using Amazon S3 from the Command Line with s3sync

s3sync comes with two utilities: s3sync.rb, which can backup a directory to S3 rsync-style, and s3cmd.rb, which gives you a command-line interface to S3. We’re actually not going to use s3sync.rb to backup our files (in the next blog post I’ll show you how to use astrails-safe instead). However, we will be using the s3cmd.rb utility now in order to interact with S3 from the command line.

Getting Started with Amazon S3 and S3Fox

Amazon S3 is a web service that lets you store data in the cloud for very cheap (my October bill was $0.05). This makes it a great place to backup files.

puts “Hello, World!”

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for about a year now and have finally found the time. This blog is about web development with a focus on Ruby on Rails. I hope you find it useful!