Over the years I’ve been blessed to be a part of a variety of interesting programming projects related to intelligent transportation systems, aerospace visualizations, health care applications and web startups.

So, like many of my colleagues, my most interesting work lives in private code bases and is the result of creative collaboration with other talented developers. That said, I do find time to work on small personal projects.

Open Source Projects

You can find the code to my open-source projects on GitHub.


Tabulous gives you an easy way to set up tabbed navigation in Rails.


Rack + Nokogiri = Plastic. I created this to give people a head-start when developing Rack middleware that changes the HTML response.

Web Design

Even though programming is my expertise, I enjoy dabbling in design work. Here are some logos I’ve designed:

Just For Fun

Alphabet Clock

Haven’t you always wanted a base-26 clock?


There are tons of hex-to-rgb conversion websites out there, so here’s another one! I’m using this website to demonstrate different Ruby web frameworks. So far I’ve implemented 2rgb in Rack and Sinatra.

Patience Practice

Did you know that BoltBus has wifi? When I found out, I decided to create this website. I wrote it somewhere in Connecticut or New York.

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